Design Research Analysis Process

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The design research team conducted together with the local partners in Uganda and Nigeria field visits to the different BOLD facilities and their surrounding communities in November 2014 and February 2014.


Over 90 interviews have been conducted with a diversified set of people ranging from pregnant women, husbands, mother in laws, facility staff to religious leaders and traditional birth attendants (see all contributors here). In addition to these, observations have been conducted at different points of the women’s journey through pregnancy and delivery including Antenatal Care visits, Referral, Admission and Registration as well as Labour, Delivery and Postnatal Ward with Discharge.


In a several weeklong process, the design team analyzed together with the local teams the observation and interview experiences as well as the transcribed interviews.


The aim was to understand different community member’s perception, experiences and knowledge with regards to pregnancy and childbirth and identify opportunities to improve the demand and provision of quality of care at time of birth.

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During the analysis process themes have been identified that represent a focus area for the design process.


For each of these themes key insights have been summarized as well as inspirations for design and a set of opportunities. These opportunities will form the base for the co-design workshops in the next phase of the design process, where different key stakeholders (women, men, midwives) will workshop together to create concrete ideas for opportunities.

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The design team will visit Kampala in the second week of April to conduct a first set of co-design workshops together with women, men and midwives. Participants of the workshops will be tasked with creative exercises to ideate solutions around improving aspects of the quality of care within the facility. This can be designing an information poster or a clear visual path for the women through the facility. Check out the next newsletter to get a glimpse on some of the ideas that will have come up in these workshops.